Welcome to the ExMuseum website!

Get to know the exhibition that shows the past, present and the future of the explosion protection industry!

The museum has been founded this year in the ExWorks Business Center which is the cradle of knowledge of this field. Our goal is to present a spectacular, ever-changing, always current exhibition to those visitors also, who are not that familiar with this topic.

We exhibit special pieces of equipment- even if they are not in use anymore-, instructive stories, and interesting pictures. Under the Pictures you can see our novelty.

Some of them will be published on the website too. We’ll refresh the website as the exhibition expands. Please contact us about the details of your visit at the e-mail address or the phone number below.

Address: 13-16. Kozak Square, 1154 Budapest, Hungary

E-mail: info@exmuseum.org

Phone: +36 70 415 2530