The long-awaited Rotors A type has arrived from Volvarber Ltd.! Thank you for the latest pride of our museum!

Rotorok A type - Before

Rotorok A type - After

Click here to find the documents of renewed Rotors A type of : certificates, operating instructions, everything you need!

Donator Company: Volvarber Ltd.

Thank you for this Ex ventilator for the Dunaferr gasbooster!

Ventilator from the gasbooster of ISD Dunaferr

Inside the ventilator

Soon in the ExMuseum...

Many thanks the Volvarber Ltd. for the old Rotorok A drive.

Rotorok A drive

Rotorok A drive data table

The donating company: Volvarber Ltd.

New exhibits at the ExMuseum!

The double push button and control box for the Zimmermann Jansen ring gate valve T2 are a gift from ISD Dunaferr Zrt. / ISD Power Ltd. to our museum!

Dual push-button in pressure-resistant housing

Exciting interior of dual push button

Control box in pressure-resistant housing

A gas detector, a gland and a temperature transmitter

Thanks for our newest donation for Gergely Varga from Nederland.

Explosion proof phone

Doneted by Kerepeczki Egon

It was used in the Markushegy mine

Explosion proof speaker

Donated by Experten Ltd.

Automation system

Many thanks for our new explosion proof equipment to Mr Laszlo Kasa.

3-phase switches

Cast iron enclosed air and explosionproof 3-phase switches with pressure resistant protection design. Donated by ISD Power/ISD Dunaferr Ltd..