Rotork A type

Thanks to our golden sponsor, Volvarber Kft. and Attila Honti, the Rotork A drive deserves a special chapter in the history of the ExMuseum. On this page you will find some short descriptions, spectacular pictures and some interesting documents about this historical instrument.

The Rotork A series was the factory’s first truly successful electric compact drive. The “set” version worked without built-in controls, the pak version (on the picture) with built-in controls.

Its control enabled conventional relay control with end position feedback with built-in mechanical torque sensing. Its local display was suitable for indicating end position status and intermediate status.

Ex elements reflect the technical solutions of the age: 3 angle head screws, Ex auxiliary locking ring of electronics cover. Its transmission structure continues to live on in several new products: IQ series, K series, AWT series

Rotork A type data table with clearly visible Ex sign

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